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Vascular & Hand Surgery Ltd.

Robert Lee

               311 West Lincoln, Suite 200
               Belleville, Illinois 62220
               618-233-2500 / 1-800-427-3347

Vascular & Hand Surgery, Ltd. provides comprehensive open and endovascular care for patients with vascular disease. 

We specialize at treating peripheral artery disease without the use of artificial tubing to bypass the blockage. We can often reopen your original vessels with only a needle stick to the groin instead of multiple incisions. This allows you to return to activity the next day instead of a week or two, and the risks of  serious complication including infection is significantly reduced.

Our office is staffed by a vascular surgeon.  We also have an in-office ICAVL accredited Vascular Lab.

Based in Belleville, Illinois, we serve the Metro East and Southern Illinois population with inpatient hospital care at:
          St. Elizabeth's Hospital (O'Fallon, IL)
          Memorial Hospital (Belleville, IL)
          Anderson Hospital (Maryville, IL)

Outpatient office services are available in our Belleville and Maryville offices.

We also have outpatient satellite specialty clinic services at:
         Red Bud Regional Hospital (Red Bud, IL)
         St. Joseph's Breese Hospital (Breese, IL)
         St. Joseph's Highland Hospital (Highland, IL)

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